Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare

Film Credits

Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Dominic Hill and Martyn Robertson
Original stage production directed by Dominic Hill
Filmed by Urbancroft Films
Produced by Citizens Theatre

Charlene Boyd - Lady Macbeth
Keith Fleming – Macbeth

Dominic Hill – Director
Martyn Robertson – Director
Stuart Jenkins - Lighting Designer
Frances Poet – Dramaturg
Matthew Whiteside – Composer
Joanna Bowman - Assistant Director
Tom Penny – Sound Design (original stage production)

Martyn Robertson – Creative Director
Louise Storrie – Company Producer
Julian Schwanitz – Director of Photography
Jamie Dempster - Camera Operator
Jonathon McLoone - Sound Recordist
Chris Kinghorn - Camera Assistant
Richard Poet - Editor
Kevin Murray - Dubbing Mixer

Rebecca Addison - Senior Trust & Foundations Manager
Linda Allan - Trust and Foundations Manager
Esther Batterham - Marketing Officer
Fin Bain - Learning Tutor
Catherine Bird - Payroll Officer
Alex Brady - Box Office Supervisor / IT
Suzanne Brady - Box Office / Learning Tutor
Louise Brown - Creative Learning Officer
Andrea Cano Molina - Learning Tutor
Lisa Corr Sullivan - Learning Tutor
Natalia Cortes - Company Stage Manager
Elaine G Coyle - Head of Wardrobe
Stephen Cunningham - Technician
Lesley Davidson - General Manager
Denise Differ - Box Office Manager
Louise Dingwall - Press and Marketing Officer
Miriam Sarah Doren - Learning Tutor
Jason Dyer – Head of Development
Catrin Evans – Head of Creative Learning
Barry Forde – Assistant Stage Manager
Neil Francis - Learning Tutor
Elly Goodman - Community Drama Artist
Daniel Hamilton - Learning Tutor
Dominic Hill - Artistic Director
Neil Hobbs - Deputy Head of Lighting & Sound
Olivia Hughes - Box Office
Stuart Jenkins - Head of Lighting & Sound
Simon Jones - Stage Door Administrator
Amber Keating - Digital Officer
Jenny Knotts - Box Office
Jamie Leary - Box Office
Karen Lee-Barron - Wardrobe Assistant / Dresser
Alison MacKinnon - Head of Marketing & Communications
Carly McCaig - Community Drama Worker
Niamh McCarron - Learning Tutor
Morna McGeoch - Learning Tutor
Alex McGowan - Executive Director
Lawrie McInally - Stage Door Administrator
Claire McNeil - Finance Manager
Catriona McNicoll - Learning Tutor
Jacqueline Muir - Production Administrator
Jack Mullen - Box Office
Denis Murphy - Head of Workshop
Neil Packham - Community Drama Director
Frances Poet - Literary Associate
Molly Ross - Development Assistant
Mags Smillie - Head of Finance
Angela Smith - Learning Projects Manager
Laura Smith - Deputy Head of Production
Andy Stuart - Sound Technician
Graham Sutherland - Head of Production
Linsey Todd - Learning Tutor
Martin Travers - Producer (Citizens Learning)
Colin White - Learning Tutor
David Young - Driver/Dayman

With thanks to Andy Clark, Simon Donaldson and Mabel Seed.